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Genacol! A new discovery! Genacol for reducing arthritic and rheumatoid pain, regenerating cartilages and ligaments, increasing good muscle tone and much more….An exclusive matrix of 100 % pure collagen. A matrix of collagen is a carefully formulated substance that stimulates the production of many different types of collagen in the body. The matrix of collagen, formulated based on pure collagen, produces incredible results in the human body when used regularly. Genacol is a protein complex that uses the Sequential Technology Aminolock. No other product on the market contains this concentration.

To obtain this concentration of aminoacids a quantity of ten times the amount of collagen would be needed. The Corporation Genacol International Inc. allows us to obtain a very high quality collagen product in 400 mg capsules without any preservative or excipient.

Specific concentration of aminoacids; We use a unique procedure called Sequential Technology Aminolock that is generated by a remodulation of aminoacids. This exclusive method is developed by the Division of Research and Development of the Corporation Genacol International Inc. and consists of the perfecting of the aminopeptides of collagen.

Genacol is produced according to the highest biotechnical standards and requirements of the government of Canada. This procedure offers us a product essential to compensate for the decrease caused by the natural process of aging. No other product on the market contains the same concentration of aminoacids as in Genacol.

Bioactive Genacol is a bioactive complex developed from 100 % pure hydrolyzed collagen. Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of a hydrolyzed collagen supplement to reduce pain and rigidity and to regenerate cartilage.

Genacol also improves general mobility as it is equally beneficial for the joints. As our collagen is hydrolyzed it is absorbed up to 98 % which makes Genacol a unique product. Genacol! A new discovery! Reduce arthritic and rheumatoid pain – Regenerate cartilage and ligaments – Increase muscle tone – Tone your body, your skin and your organs -

Improve the skin’s elasticity (make the skin more firm) and reduce wrinkles – Increase resistence, strength and vitality – Improve the quality of sleep and obtain a more repairing sleep – Decrease back pain and muscle cramps in the legs – Rapid recovery after an accident. In addition to arthritis, arthrosis and fibromyalgia, Genacol is recommended to combat tendonitis, bursitis, hernias, carpal tunnel syndrome and all autoimmune illnesses.Therefore, Genacol is widely used for joint and muscle pain, for improving texture and elasticity of the skin. 


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