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With the passage of time the skin ages and wrinkles appear, skin loses the property of retaining moisture, tissues in the dermis decrease in elasticity, blood circulation slows and cell renewal takes longer. The main cause of the skin aging process is the loss of collagen, which is responsible for maintaining cell binding. For this reason, it is important to use treatments based on collagen that gives our skin elasticity and hydration and stimulates collagen production. Xhekpon liquid collagen solution is a treatment of hydrolyzed collagen which penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and acts more quickly than many components of any facial treatment. This product revitalizes the skin and corrects imperfections. It exerts a clamping action that smoothens the skin and regenerates the areas of the face that have been damaged by (accident, illness, premature ageing etc.). It relieves reddening of the skin, provides softness, moisturizes and softens the skin and improves the application of makeup

APPLICATION: Use the ampule every other night before bedtime. Open an ampule and gently apply the content on clean skin in a uniform manner. Do not remove the product. Wash the product off during morning cleansing of your face.




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