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Your face more than any other part of your body is exposed to external aggressions; from solar radiation, air conditioning, cigarette smoke, and environmental pollution. Because of these reasons we must devote special care of our skin and use creams or lotions that truly help us keep our skin cared for and protected. Collagen Flash Spray is a protective and soothing skin lotion. It protects the skin during outdoor activities or in polluted environments. It helps to relieve and normalize the skin reddened or irritated by external factors. It forms a layer of collagen that protects the skin and relieves dryness or irritated skin. Its content of Aloe Vera acts as a healing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredient on all skin types It provides softness and smoothness of the skin producing a flash effect that brings texture, elasticity instantaneously.

APPLICATION: Spray about 6 inches away from the face on areas to be treated. Wait until spray is absorbed without rubbing or drying. Repeat the application until you get a thicker film. The spray can be used anytime you feel tired or need a quick lift.




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